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Modem Not Working

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Modem Not Working

I only have the power light and the WIFI light lit up on my modem. I’ve tried doing a power cycle as well as reset and it still doesn’t work. Help
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Re: Modem Not Working



It's possible that weather at your gateway location is affecting your service.  How long has the modem been like this?  


What do you see listed for a State Code in the  System Summary box on this page?  Also, what do you see listed for your Satellite Receive Signal Strength in the WAN Info box on the bottom left?  Lastly, what do you see listed for both the Satellite Name (ES17 or ES19) and Beam ID in the Satellite box on this page?  


Lastly, please do not reset your modem without being instructed to by a HughesNet rep.  Resetting incorrectly can cause more harm that good, and the kind of harm that may require a tech visit to fix, and which you'd be responsible for paying.  A reset is only necessary for specific situations, and again, only with a rep's instruction.

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