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Modem Reset Remotely

Is it possible to reset my Modem remotely?

Hi dth


Unfortunately unless you are using some type of remotely controlled power outlet adapter (which would probably need network connectivity anyway) or similar, there is currently no way to reboot your modem remotely. Our support agents and myself can do so using one of our tools, but only if the modem has a receive signal (receive light on). Is there an issue or something particular you are looking to do?



It is a modem at my LakeHouse. I do know that there is power to the residence. I have lost internet connection to my nest thermostat and security cameras. I just thought a reset may solve it.

Hi dth


Oh ok, I understand now. I took a quick look at your HughesNet system and I do see an issue. It is not able to communicate to our network but I will see if I can fix that myself. If not I will escalate to the appropriate engineering team here to lend a hand. I apologize for the inconvenience - hopefully we can get it back up quickly.




Have same issue. We are away for a month and would like modem to be reset if it’s possible to check cameras etc. Thanks

dth - We worked on the system all this morning. It looks like the system is operational now, can you see if you are able to communicate with your devices?


And sure thing, Dankn. 



Yes it is functional. Thanks for your assistance.

Great! Please let me know if anything changes. We still have your system on the radar just in case. 



This would be a nice feature to have...  I also have smart devices that go offline occasionally and a reboot of the modem corrects the issue.  Not sure what the costs of adding that feature is versus the number of live calls that have to be handled for reboots, but I would think over time customer self-service would pay for the IT development.

I agree, @RubberBiscuit61. There are other companies who offer this feature such as checking the "status" of your modem from a webpage and being able to reboot it from the same page anywhere you may be. I brought it up once a year or so ago, but it may be a good time to bring the suggestion up again here internally. Fingers crossed 🙂



Associate Professor


This feature would be VERY handy, especially for those of us that have SME and remote connectivity but no presense to reboot a modem that isn't talking back home... I had my SME HT2000w do this the other day...  Looked like it could hear on WAN, but that was about it.  Would have been nice if I could have reset the terminal while I was away instead of waiting several hours. 🙂

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