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Modem doesn't connect to internet

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Modem doesn't connect to internet

I can access the modem via IP (, but not via No internet connection when connected (via WiFi or direct ethernet cable), and the "system" light on the front of the modem is not on. I've powered it off (unplugged for 10 minutes) and also used the "reboot" feature in the control panel. Anything else I should try before concluding the modem is shot? Is there any chance this is anything other than a modem failure?


Hi GerryS,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! I pulled up your account and am also unable to communicate with your modem, so let try replacing it first to see if that gets you back online. 


Please expect a replacement modem soon. You can return your old modem in the box the replacement comes in; there will be a return shipping label in the outer pouch for your convenience.


Let me know how the new modem works out for you.




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