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Modem firmware, could it be bad?


Modem firmware, could it be bad?

Myself and now three others,  I suspect there are quite a few others, have lost connection to various email servers, gmail, att and yahoo. The hughsnet server works fine.

Anyway, I am wondering if my firmware was auto updated around 6/20/2017 (+/-). My version is Does anybody know when that was issued? Can I check to see when it was installed on my modem?

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Re: Modem firmware, could it be bad?

If you really want to know, then look at your Reset logs, it will list when it rebooted due to an update, if it was any time recent that is.

If you are on, then no, it wasn't released any time recently, think that was released several months ago to be honest.

That aside, not all of you are on the same modem, and at least one person that has reported an issue with Outlook on their system may not have the same issue as it's a known issue with their OS and version of Outlook.

As for bad firmware...  While it may happen, every time Hughesnet goes to release new firmware for their modems, it's ran through various tests by them, as well as by a group of testers.  They then roll the firmware out in waves to different beams to ensure there isn't a major issue.