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Modem not responding to reset

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Modem not responding to reset

I had a very brief power outage and now I can’t connect to the internet. All of the lights on the modem are lit up except for the second from the top. I have an HT2000W. I have a button at the bottom that I thought was a reset button. Held it down for like 40 seconds and nothing happened. I looked closer and got a flashlight so could actually read the writing and it says WPS, whatever that means. Then I unplugged the modem for 2-3 minutes. Everything came back the same ...still no system light. My devices and Samsung Smart TV still will not connect to the internet. Help!
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Re: Modem not responding to reset

It's possible that the power outage messed something up with the modem.  


If you have a device with which you are able to connect directly to the HT2000W with a LAN cable are you able to go to the following page?!/home/status


If so, are both boxes at the top of the page green (most likely no)?  Do the System Summary and System Status boxes contain all green check marks (again, most likely no)?  In the System Summary box there is a State Code.  What is the State Code that is showing?  


Further, you may notice a small reset button on the back of the modem.   DO NOT PRESS THAT BUTTON  unless instructed to by a representative.  I only bring this up in case you find it on your own, as some people might think it will help to press it.  Again, don't press that button unless instructed to, as you can do more harm than good by doing so.  

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Re: Modem not responding to reset

The power surge most likely bricked your modem, I have mine on a surge protector since we have a lot of outages.


Re: Modem not responding to reset

Hello Psyche3535,


I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting.


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