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Modem not working

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Modem not working

Yesterday our modem was not working. There were one 3 lights lit, the power, LAN, and Wi-Fi lights were on but the system, receive, and transmit lights were not. We tried unplugging it a few times but that did not work. I called and the lady I spoke to had me put some numbers into the browser on my laptop and give her the state code that came up. She did whatever she did on her end and was able to get it working. 

Today, my kids called me at work because it was not working again. When I got home I called again. This time, a different state code came up on my laptop. They were not able to get it working and said they had to send a technician out.

My question is why do I have to pay $120 for the technician when it is equipment failure and nothing we did caused it? We didn't run into the dish with our car or drop the modem or anything like that. I realize Hughesnet uses outside technicians because they do not have their own and I realize they did not cause the failure either but it is their equipment. When we lived somewhere else, we used a different company that is not available in this area, but it was still satellite internet. If there was any kind of failure like this with their equipment, there was not a charge to replace it. Not for the equipment and not for the technician to install it.

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Re: Modem not working

Susan, your best bet is to wait until a HughesNet rep on this site takes a look at your account.  They're here M-F, typically from 9-5, but sometimes there may be one around later. They will check the situation and get back to you with next steps.  Do you have a case number that you could post here? That may  help expedite things a bit.  

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Re: Modem not working



They have to recoup the cost of the technician being sent.  

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