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Modem rebooting every few minutes

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Modem rebooting every few minutes

My modem just keeps restarting over and over. I have tried to reset it, and it comes on then all the lights go out except the power light. Then after a few seconds the power light blinks red then all the lights go out, then they all come back on for a minute then it all happens again.

Good morning Acrow407,


Thanks for the update. The folks here in the community are on the right track! Since we've ruled out the power supply, we're sending a tech over to replace the radio, check the coax, and replace that if needed. 


Your complimentary dispatch is currently scheduled for our earliest available slot: Tuesday, Jun 5, 2018 between 08:00 AM-11:00 AM. Call us at 866.347.3292 and reference case #112823878 if you need to reschedule. Please let us know how the site visit goes.



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