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Modem software stuck in update

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Modem software stuck in update

My HT2000W seems to be stuck up a software update loop. For many days I've been seeing this.


stuck software update.JPG

I rebooted a few days ago and nothing changed. I called in to tech support last night and it seemed she had no more idea what I was asking than I could understand what she was telling me. Best I could tell is she said it was good for my service and she would have an engineer watch it. She rebooted the modem and nothing changed.


Any idea why my modem seems to be stuck in a perpetual loop of trying to update software? Current version is WIFI_3.4.3.33 (M) and fallback version is WIFI_3.4.3.28




What an interesting situation! I can see this on my end too. I will take a look at the modem and see what is causing the loop. Has this caused any browsing or performance problems for you?



Advanced Tutor

Hi Amanda,


Everything is working ok but I seem to be using an extraordinary amount of data just now. It's probably coincidental but I noticed this loop thing around monthly rollover time. I have been doing an extraordinary amount of research lately but I'm still wondering about the Gen 5 compression. We used to run on 5 to 8 GB of G4 anytime per month while now we're bumping up on the limits without changing our usage habits other than using it more during the peak hours now that it actually functions during prime time.


The last two months we never hit 10 GB even though I tried hard to use it up with software updates, etc. This month we're already below 70% in a week.



This should be fixed now, engineering saw a queue was stuck and restarted the process. 


I was very curious about your data situation, as just now I had seen your data was something like 36% left, and that there was some ongoing threads regarding Gen4 vs Gen5 usage. When Liz brought the topic up, I remembered this was something you mentioned a while back and was curious since you hadn't popped up in there. We've actually got some engineers who are investigating this. You can keep up with it in this thread and share your insights on the subject there as well.


If this loop comes up again, please let me know so I can have the team look at why it keeps happening.





Advanced Tutor

Thanks Amanda. That fixed it.


Sorry but I haven't been keeping up with my forum reading or my account lately. I noticed something fishy on my credit card bill the other day. I may need to send you a PM after I have a closer look. 


I'm not surprised others are seeing the difference too. I'll read up on it. I'm just trying to get used to having great internet service and paying attention to what goes on. I really blew the usage out for my first G5 month but I had some download accidents when I needed to grab some multi GB files. Things happen very quickly at G5 speeds.


That's scary you saw 36% remaining. I rarely look at the status meter but watch usage on the SCC home page since I keep it open in an IE window all the time. Right now both show I'm at 69% Anytime remaining and SCC says 23 days/13 hrs/22 mins left in the month.


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