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More slow download speeds on Gen 5 in NW Washington

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More slow download speeds on Gen 5 in NW Washington

I am in NW Washington and a new Gen 5 customer. I am having the same issues with speed as others. I have not been able to stream video reliably and the speed is not testing at nearly what was promised by Hughes. Is Hughes misrepresenting Gen 5 service? Too many users at one time? Is this a technical issue that may be resolved in the future? Download speed is testing at is regularly in the 1.5 mbps range using wifi within six feet of the modum. I have no LAN port on my computer to do the tests.

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Wayne, users making the complaint through the government agency should be aware that the response time is 30 days (the company will respond 30 days after getting the complaint from the government agency) -- if we post here, response times (and results) are much faster.  The user will not get help here if they have initiated a transaction with the company using the government agency, so they will have to wait the 30 days.