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Most of us do not regard internet access as a toy


Most of us do not regard internet access as a toy

This waiting game as far as what is happening and when it will be resolved is unacceptable.


Not only are we being charged for substandard internet access, but we are treated as our access is being used as a toy and not something important.


I have the most expensive package that is offered. The money for this package has just been taken from my credit account.


I cannot download updates. I cannot send important documents to clients or receive documents from clients. I can no longer operate my business over the internet.


Hughesnet needs to realize that they are playing around with companies as well as people that are paying thru the nose for internet access.


When will we be given answers! Our clients want answers!


@Liz I emplore you to get some action going. I have been charged full price while my gateway from Santa Clara is defective. Hughesnet needs to realize that we are depending on the internet for business as well as what ever we want to use it for. This is not a game and charging full price while knowing of the problems is ridiculous.


Re: Most of us do not regard internet access as a toy

Hi lake_woman,


Thanks for posting, I understand your frustration, especially since all the info we have for your beam is that it's under investigation by engineering. Once we do have any updates to share with you, we'll let you know. 


So we have an idea of the speeds you're getting, please run tests at (our standby, is no longer reliable right now) while directly connected to the HughesNet modem during the times you experience slow speeds and let us know what you get. Three tests spaced 5 minutes apart during one time period will suffice so that we can get an average.


Please also check your private messages in the top right corner of the community page as I will send you a PM to further address your concerns.


Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.


Re: Most of us do not regard internet access as a toy

Thank you @Liz

I am not able to connect directly to the modem. I have done several tests using the Hughesnet speed test, if that will help. Those tests were at different times of the day for several days.


Actually a test that I just ran shows an improvement. This was after my internet went down and I had to reboot the modem.


Speed gives me a latency test error.


Thanks again!