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My internet Speeds are so slow.


Re: My internet Speeds are so slow.

Wow.. I had no idea that there were so many beams affected.  Just watched the TV ad that tells potential customer they will get 25 Mbps.  Sigh, so sad.  That seems like a faraway dream right now.   Got my fingers crossed that development engineers find a solution soon.  I am sure that there must be alot of folks putting in alot of hours trying to find an out of box solution.  Anyone know where Hughes develolpment is sourced?  We could send positive vibrations that direction.

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Re: My internet Speeds are so slow.

When someone is having a problem and lists their beam, that doesn't necessarily mean that beam is a having a problem.  A beam problem is multiple users on a given beam experiencing speed issues over an extended period of time.  


Like Beam 55 and 68.  

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