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My internet hardly ever works!

New Member

My internet hardly ever works!

I am beyond frustrated with this service and your techs.  I constantly get unable to connect errors.  In fact i am writing this using my cell phone internet because it works 100% better than this crappy service!!  I work from home and am lucky to get anything done- it NEVER works.  The last time I called support the guy tried to get me to say that it was my router- are you kidding me!!  Then he tried to tell me my satelite was out of allignment- and $125 to fix it.  Your freaking installation guys should have installed it correctly!  No way- when I refused, he "did something"  and it worked for a few weeks.  Now we are back to the same BS!  Your service sucks, you dont provide reliable service at all, and charge an arm and leg. 

Associate Professor

Re: My internet hardly ever works!


Sorry to hear you are having issues... Can you provide us with some more information?  The more information provided the more likely we will be able to help you.

1: What modem are you using? HN9000, HT1100, HT2000W
2: What model router are you using?
3: What devices are you using when you get "unable to connect" errors?
4: Where exactly are these errors showing up? In your web-browser? Or?
5: Is the device connected via wifi, or by network cable to the equipment?

As far as satellite alignment goes, they can fall out of alignment due to many factors, it may be installed properly at time of install, but can easily be thrown out of alignment by wind, or if mounted to a home, the homes natural shifting due to temperture change can sometimes throw a dish alignment off.  Installers do have to take several pictures of their work, from system grounding to pictures of the modem being connected.  That includes pictures of how the dish is mounted, and if pole mounted, the concrete and amount of concrete used.  Not much room for an installer to mess up these days.