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My old modem was better.

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My old modem was better.

Just ran a speed test and got 0.12 Mbps. My old 56Kbs modem was better than this crap. FAP not exceeded, rebooted everything, signal strength at 107, no red 'x's' except web acceleration. Have to reset MBX constantly. Ran test after pulling the plug on the HT1100 and connected my Windows PC directly to the HT1100. Nothing else is using the internet. I can barely check emails with this. I'm still on GEN4 and I know Hughesnet will want me to upgrade to GEN5 so they can stick me with a 2 year commitment. I refuse to do that for 25Mbps that's not guaranteed. When I upgraded to GEN4, it was 15Mbps. Now they raised my monthly bill $10 and dropped my download speed to 10Mbps trying to force me to GEN5. Anybody else having problems on Jupiter 1, Beam 24?

Distinguished Professor IV

Please post your Testmy results URL, and run more than one test. More are needed to detect issues. Make sure you run the 25 MB manual test. Go to, click on Manual Test Size, then choose the 25 MB test.  Run more than one test, spaced about 3 to 5 minutes apart. Repeat about 3 times during the course of the day. The techs require this to analyze your system.  The reps won't be here until Monday, so it'd be a good idea for you to do the required troubleshooting before they come back.  Otherwise your case will stall and all you're doing is conjecturing.


@llegarsky wrote:

Well, result is 229 Kbps download speed. Certainly not 8 Mbps. Upload is 115 Kbps