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I am not happy with the HughesNet system! When I talked with the rep who sold me my plan (confirmation #10606487), there was no discussion about how weather could knock out reception (this applies to my internet as well as my phone) nor was there anything about what could affect data usage.
I moderate online webinars twice a month for an hour each time, moderate meetings for an hour, attend at least four or five other hour-long webinars during the month, and attend two hour-long online meetings every month. After reading some comments and posts on this community, I realize I am probably going to have data issues that will become very expensive~I am not sure my volunteering can afford this!
When I signed up, I was told the service would cost $89.93 per month, yet The first month's service was billed at $170.64 and my second month service is being billed at $134.33.....this is in addition to the initial $99 activation fee and the $107 installation fee.  This is all costing me much more that what I had.  Nothing was said to me by the rep about a big cancellation fee, either, and I don't believe there was any mention about a 30-day trial period.
My second week of service I was without internet and phone service for several hours due to bad weather in an area 1-3 states away! This morning I lost service due to rain here. This is totally unacceptable for me.
I was also promised a rebate for $125 which I have not received.  I was also told I could transfer my AT&T phone number, but that hasn't happened, either.
I understood that the service would be faster than my wi-fi from AT&T, but that is not the case.  This is much slower. 
Calling HughesNet for help is more frustrating than any other company I've ever called!  After jumping thru all the hoops (press this number, press that, etc.) and ending up with a recording that says, "your call did not go through, hang up and call again".....three times of that was more than maddening and certainly not customer friendly!  So here I am trying this route for help.
Obviously, I did not understand how the satellite system works or I would have never considered this.  I would like to know how to go about canceling the service and inquire whether there is any way to avoid a cancellation fee.


Hi gijon66,

Thank you for your post. I'd first like to start by apologizing for any confusion and your experience thus far. I have your e-mail address and should be able to locate your account with that. Once I do, I will begin by seeing if your sales call is available and reviewing it. When that is complete, I will return here and let you know the results. I appreciate your patience.

Thank you