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Need Help Re-Aiming Dish

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Need Help Re-Aiming Dish

I have had Hughesnet HN9000 service in Long Barn, CA (95335) since 2011.  This is a vacation home/rental and consequently it is not easy to schedule service, or be there to push buttons to diagnose things.   (I do receive e-mails from our automation, so I know when things are working).  Recently, the received signal strength (as reported by the HN9000's status info) has been below the normal 170-175 value, and has been variable. Last weekend when we were having frequent stoppages, I noticed it was 90, then would climb to 110, then back to 90. Throughput was stopping intermittently even though station status showed normal. The symptoms seem consistent with a dish that is on the edge of the beam lobe vs. centered on it. The dish was clean and had not been moved or bumped, and I can't see that any vegetation has grown into the view of the satellite. Sometimes pine cones fall in the woods and could have bumped the dish, as could have squirrels, freeze/thaw motion etc. Since the system has not been checked, aimed, or tuned for 5 1/2 years, I would really like to get someone to come out and re-aim it. I have the $7/mo. basic service / warranty plan. Hughesnet customer support has been very difficult to deal with - i.e. I got all the way through system checks and to the rep agreeing to send someone out, but they couldn't schedule because of a computer problem. Someone was supposed to call me back to schedule. That was a week ago. I started over with them today and we were back to trying to run diagnostics, which this time turned up no issue, since the problem is intermittent. Then they quoted a $125 fee to open a service call, "plus parts and labor" ($125 even with the warranty plan ? why do I have it ?). I have tried e-mail support, but there seems to be no consistency between communications (they don't read the referenced case numbers I provided). I don't think this is a DIY project, as I know aiming is very sensitive. Any ideas how to get help would be appreciated.

Amanda - checking back ... did you see my post re Friday?

Amanda - I finally got a hold of someone at the contractor after leaving several voicemails (oh, I don't get those voicemails, my boss gets them and sometimes forwards them).    My work order has been canceled and they asked that I start over with Hughesnet.   I believe you set this up and are the right person to help.   I am not going to call Hughesnet and go through the back and forth of running all the tests that have already been run.   This is a vacation home and we have very limited opportunities to schedule an appointment.   I am headed there now (Friday morning).   We did have an appointment scheduled last Dec. 29, but the service tech decided to call and "run tests" versus coming out as we had arranged.    Still waiting.