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Need Satisfaction

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Re: Need Satisfaction

Hi Amanda,
I finally got hold of someone at CM Wireless. They said they just got your service order today. And that their Show Low tech, Richard, was coming out to me on the 18th. I never got a call from Richard, or CM Wireless, to set up an appointment.
Eric at CM Wireless, (in Prescott), said they don't have any parts for the HN7000S and that the 7000 modem hasn't been available for a year or more.
He said any work they would have to do here such as raising the pole, fixing or replacing the dish and wiring, would cost me out of pocket and that HughesNet doesn't reimburse them for anything. He did not give me any details of the order you placed with them.  Can you give me details??
Eric suggested that I cancel my current HughesNet service and open a new account. He quoted me a price of $348.99.  I told him that was almost my entire social security check, and I also told him I was eligible for a FREE upgrade.
He said I would also lose my current e-mail address if I did what he suggested. I don't want to start all over as a new customer.
What do you suggest at this time Amanda?
What is it going to cost me out of pocket to get my Internet back up and working?

I've tried 3 times to post this.

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Re: Need Satisfaction

What do you suggest?
Well, lost connection again. I must wait for it to get over it's PMS attitude before I can post. This is worse than a bad mother-in-law or ex-spouse.
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Re: Need Satisfaction

Cheryl wait for Amanda to get here monday, she can get it all done for you at no cost so dont let that guy fool you. if that company does not have the parts then hughes can next day the parts to any company and have them do it and dont let them tell you that you will have to pay to replace the pole because hughes does provide it for no cost to the customer, its just a crooked installer and Amanda will straighten them out but dont pay anyone for anything
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Re: Need Satisfaction

Yep, the parts for that old system is the hard part. I have my old 7000 radio assembly on the scrap trailer out back of the house. Probably not much good though.
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Re: Need Satisfaction

Finally got a connection long enough to get to my e-mail.

I called customer service this morning and verified the work order was a REPAIR order only.

So I called the tech/installer and he will be here Monday morning to check my equipment and do repairs if he can, on the dish. He can't do any repairs on the modem if that is the problem.

Is there anyway to re-install my HN6000S?

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Re: Need Satisfaction

Cheryl, I'm honestly more worried about the radio assembly and water in the feedhorn. Does it seem to get better when it is very dry and mid-afternoon? I know it is dry there anyway but even condensation inside the wave-guide from nighttime temperature change can cause problems.

How old is the dish assembly?
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Re: Need Satisfaction

I hope he has the parts to fix it. It was installed in 2006.

I don't seem to lose connection in the rain.

Right now it is dry, and my connection comes and goes, even while typing this short response.

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Re: Need Satisfaction

Ok, hopefully it will just take realignment and maybe some new cable since I really doubt he will have parts for the radio portion.

I don't know if he will be able to reactivate your old 6000 modem if it comes to that. Maybe one of the two Charles' can answer that. I also wonder if your transponder (channel) is getting overloaded due to fewer satellites and people moving over. Could be some of the problem also.
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Re: Need Satisfaction

I rather doubt they will decommission a DW6000

There ARE parts available for 7000 systems. Just recently someone had their TRIA replaced.

The only NEW 7000s systems being commissioned in the US are in Alaska.

Cheryl, what is your signal strength ?

When you said the "system goes out" ... when this happens, how many of the blue LEDs are lite on the front of the modem ?

When you are unable to connect have you opened the modems SCC (System Control Center) ? (found by entering into your browser)

Are all the "buttons" across the top in the green (or blue)? .. main point, are any red ?


A couple of things to try if you have someone to assist:

While watching the modems SCC main page "system status" light have someone gently move that big dangle of coax slowly first from side to side and then slightly raise or lower  .. however ...BE SURE TO STAND BEHIND THE DISH REFLECTOR WHILE DOING SO ... DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF THE DISH AND DO NOT PLACE ANY BODY PARTS BETWEEN THE FACE OF THE DISH AND THE "EYE" THAT IS ON THE ARM POINTED BACK AT THE DISH.

This is to check if there has been a failure of the coax cable because it is not properly routed and restrained.

The other thing is to due a rough check of your dish alignment,

It is called a "push/pull" test.

While you watch the signal strength meter in the modems SCC have someone ....STAND BEHIND THE DISH and grasp the top edge of the dish and pull gently towards them while grasping the bottom of the dish and gently pushing away from themselves .. this is trying to "point" the dish slightly more "UP" .. observe the signal strength ... better or worse with the pressure applied ?

Do the same thing trying to point "Down" .. any change ? better or worse ?

Do the same thing from side to side .. the aim is very close, a small change can make the difference between having a connection .. or not.

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Re: Need Satisfaction

Gwalk, I know there are parts, just a lot of the contractors, especially the smaller ones, don't usually stock them.

She may get the upgrade run-around.