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Need remote network reset

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Need remote network reset

Need help from a tech person to remotely reset our router, it keeps having issues disconnecting, staya disconnected for several days. I can't do anything cause I live 2hrs away 

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Re: Need remote network reset



Unfortunately, you're not able to do so.  However, if you call HughesNet's tech support they can likely effect this for you.  It's 866-347-3292.  


The reps here are on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST, so they're now off for the weekend, though there is occasionally one on during the evening.  This is why I suggest calling them, unless you can wait until Monday.

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Re: Need remote network reset

Hello Randaldeck,


Thank you for reaching out to us and I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing these issues. After running diagnostics on your account, it appears the equipment and service is fully operational. I do, however, see that some of the devices connected have a fair signal instead of good. Disconnection can happen when the signal is too weak. 


With that being said, I did go ahead and perform a remote reset and all things still seem to be operational. If you still notice any disconnects you may want to move your devices a bit closer to the modem/router. This, of course, is if and when you plan on visiting the location where the equipment is.