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Need wireless router for Apple laptop etc., Which one>

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Need wireless router for Apple laptop etc., Which one>

Just moved form the city and AT&T wireless Internet to the country and Hughesnet. I have a Macbook Air laptop and am about to have installed. Macbook has no ethernet, so I must have a wireless router asap. I am told I can buy one form the installer for $99, but that seems a bit steep. What router do you recommend for Apple Mac equipment, including Apple TV? I am a comolete newbie to satellite.
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I can't help you with what router you should use for an Apple product (though I imagine any decent router will work just fine), but I can tell you to be VERY careful with streaming with that Apple TV.  Streaming in Hi Def will use up your data in no time, and even when streaming in SD or LD, you must be frugal.  Satellite TV isn't really geared toward regular streaming.  It's better you know this now than find out the hard way.

Also, during your first twenty days of service, your monthly data is reset daily.  This is done to give you the opportunity to update/upgrade things without it affecting what would be your normal monthly data amount.  So, what you may be able to do during your first twenty days you may not be able to do during a normal month.  Just a heads up as so many people don't watch their data usage, stream like the dickens right at the beginning, then hit the wall on day 21 and wonder why. 

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Hi carizma22,

I'm not a Mac user, so I may not be of much help to you... We do have some resident Mac owners who might be able to help. And to GabeU's point, Apple TV is something you should use carefully as it can eat up your data quickly. Hope that some users pitch in suggestions!

Though probably sold out for the holidays, these are really cool and probably perfect for HughesNet families and customers who live in those big (beautiful!) country ramblers:
Fair warning though, they are new to the market.

Thank you
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Dang it Amanda that looks pretty cool! Now, me being the tech/electronics junkie I am, may not be able to resist getting one. Thanks a lot Amanda.

Always happy to help a fellow techie find more ways to clutter the desk 🙂