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Network time 2 hours ahead. are my bonus bytes used against my fair access policy?

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Network time 2 hours ahead. are my bonus bytes used against my fair access policy?

Today my service got extremely slow. I called the support number and got through to Gayle, we had an extended chat. very pleasant. She explained bonus bytes and pointed me to a page where I found diagnostics and found a grid that showed i had exceeded the fair access policy. I also saw that it reported the network time as 2 hours in the future, no time zone shown. when I asked why that is and what time zone it uses, Gayle did not know.
She then pointed me to another page and I saw my usage and there was a big chunk of data at 8am (reported on the chart), i think I know what that was, not disputing that.
I asked that if the network time was correctly shown could it be that the accounting for the chunk of data that should have been in bonus time was in fact counted against network time and so consumed my allowed allocation and pushed me over the fair access policy. Fair question?
Gayle said she did not know but she would escalate it to technical support; she also gave me the case #54024076.
I called technical support and reached Marissa. What a waste of time. That is NOT technical support. She didn't know anything, didn't listen to my question let alone know an answer, told me you don't have an engineering department, noone can accept emails (I offered to send screen shots showing the network time screens), and more guff.
Spent over an hour trying to get her to get answers. All she would say is to access the community, even said there is no engineering department, that's why 'we have the community'? Really? To my mind the community is social media, not HugesNet official support. 
Anyway, she did finally go and find out that HughesNet DOES have an engineering department but it takes 2 business days to answer with no way for me to reach them if they did not.
Lost the call while waiting for her supervisor, so here I am.

I have a concern that the HughesNet network time and my usage time are out of sync and my fair access policy is getting compromised because of that.
I have a set of screen shots that I have uploaded to a google drive and can share them with someone to show evidence of what I saw. I need an answer, not an "it's an engineering problem they will look into it".
And an answer soon. My data allocations get refreshed in three days, I'd like to know before then, even today, I'm in CT.


Re: Network time 2 hours ahead. are my bonus bytes used against my fair access policy?

Hi Julian,

Thanks for posting and welcome. Can you post the screenshots here for us to take a look at? We can escalate much faster for you.

- Chris