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Never been able to stream Netflix in SD Day or Night using Smart TV

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Never been able to stream Netflix in SD Day or Night using Smart TV

Why won't Netflix stream for me on Gen5? Buffers every 30 seconds for 15 seconds or more. Really annoying.
Never been able to stream an SD Netflix movie since I have subscribed to HughesNet services.

I have downloaded Netflix movies to my phone and watch them just fine on my phone. I can stream on my phone when on my wifi just fine without buffering (yes I know a different protocol is used on a mobile phone).

When I try to cast from my downloaded Netflix movie to my Smart TV it does the buffering thing all over again. 

None of this makes any sense. The Video Data Saver mode does absolutely nothing to improve this problem.

Anyone have any suggestions? Other than forgetting about trying to stream with HughesNet.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Never been able to stream Netflix in SD Day or Night using Smart TV



For clarification, it sounds like you are having two separate issues...


1.  Buffering while streaming.


2.  Buffering while casting to your TV from a device that contains the already downloaded source material.


Is this right?  


If so, regarding the first, how are you trying to stream?  What device are you trying to stream on, and when you do so, are you using a Netflix app or are you doing so directly from Netflix's website, and in the Smart TV's case, are you using a built in Netflix app?  Also, though it sounds like you have, did you make sure to set the playback settings at Netflix to Medium (for SD)?    


Regarding the second issue, does the source you are trying to cast from play the media without issue, and it's only when you try to cast the media to your TV that the buffering problem occurs?    

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