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New Customer slow Speed

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New Customer slow Speed

I became a customer on 12/28/19.  I am having problems watching Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus on my Amazon Firestick.  It buffers constantly.  I also have problems with watching podcasts on iPad.  What do I need to do?

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A couple things you can try are first, if you haven't already, turn off, or pause, the Video Data Saver.  This can help, but normally it shouldn't be necessary if the streamed items are in SD or lower resolution.  


The second is lowering the resolution of the streamed items.  Also, keep in mind that streaming in HD uses a considerable amount of data, though with your being a new customer your data allotment is likely refilling on a regular basis, which will happen for the first twenty days of your service.  HughesNet does this as a courtesy, to allow new customers to update or upgrade their devices to current without it affecting their monthly high speed data allotment like it normally would.  After those initial twenty days the refills will stop and data usage will start being deducted from the monthly allotment in the normal manner.  


Unfortunately, right now there are a lot of new devices coming online due to the holidays, and many of those devices are big data users, though some only because of updates.  It's putting considerable stress on the system, slowing things down.  This happens around every Christmas, and it gets worse every year due to more data hungry devices being added.


On a side note, make sure that your Firestick isn't automatically downloading new background images, as this can leech data pretty quickly.  I don't have one so I don't know where the settings are, but other may and they may chime in.

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