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New Customers Beware. Relaxed Bandwidth Marketing Tactics and Losing your High Speed Data


Re: New Customers Beware. - Hardware Update

Good morning Heath,


Thank you for taking the time to come back and let us know what happened and sharing your honest experience with the Gen 5 service. This is a very helpful post that may help others. Hopefully you won't need to post back in the community for help, but if you do have any concerns, we're here for you.


Have a good weekend!





If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.


Re: New Customers Beware. - Hardware Update

Maybe this should be a new thread. IDK.

Well, my worst fears have come true. My billing is wrong and customer service is about to drive me off a cliff again.

LIz, or anyone, the levels of stress this company is causing me are not healthy. Here's the problem, as well as the solution:

1. I was told I could buy my hardware for $350.

2. I have been on the phone, more than once, and customer service even took my credit card number. They told me it would be $450, but then I'd get a $100 credit. ($350 for the hardware total)

3. I am being charged for leasing the equipment on my invoice, so someone messed up again.


I want the hardware charged for $350 like I was told, and I want the leasing charges gone.

What do I have to do to make this happen?


PLEASE HELP. Thank you.




Re: New Customers Beware. - Hardware Update

Called customer service again. This time they told me the process was in motion. (hardware conversion?)

This makes no sense to me, because I have now been charged for leasing twice, when origionally, I was told it would be no problem to buy the hardware (a tremendous savings by the way, anyone considering hughesnet Gen 5 really needs to buy the hardware, or they will be sorry down the road. Crazy $$$ savings to just buy it up front, Pro Tip)


So IDK what's going on. I guess things are being worked on behind the curtain? And my bills will be credited, or the leasing charges I've paid will be taken off one of my invoices? I'm good at math, so I will be making sure this is all square at the end of this fiasco. Maybe people don't buy their hardware, which is why this process seems like rocket science?


$350. Minus the leasing charges I've already been charged. That's what I should owe. Then $99 plus tax every month for the first year.


I need to know this is what's happening, because god knows people on the other end of the phones don't have a clue, and it's sure not explained on my bills.


I get that gen 5 hardware is new, and offering people great internet is a new thing, but Hughesnet has been in business for a while, and I feel like I should not have to get stressed out and play Sherlock Holmes, and have to call a phone number that I have to ask the reps to repeat things more than once because we don't speak the same language, and then be put on hold, only to find out they dont' know jack.


We're in this for two years together. If you guys can hold up your end of things, I'll be a good paying customer. I hope to god we don't have to solve problems every other month, just as I'm sure you don't want a very disgruntled customer showing up every couple months causing you headaches.


I'll be in touch until I know my account and billing are what they were supposed to be from the beginning.



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Re: New Customers Beware. - Hardware Update

Heath, help is coming. They may be a bit overwhelmed here, but @Liz or @Amanda will get to you and help. I think it's a good idea that you posted a new thread. 


Re: New Customers Beware. - Hardware Update

Guess what. Another month, another exciting chapter of Hughesnet pergatory.


My invoice this month is $485. 

DescriptionTotal Accounts ChargedAmount
Property Tax Surcharge1-$0.68
HughesNet Plan Detail
Equipment Purchase1$199.99
Next Plan Up Promo1-$30.00
Standard Installation1$199.99
50GB Service Plan1$129.99
Equipment Lease-Prorated1-$13.54
Total Accounts Charged1$485.75


Now, when I signed up, I signed up for $99 a month, plus a one time charge of $350 for hardware.


That's $450 plus tax one time, and $99 plus tax every month for the first year. 

So first, why am I suddenly being charged for installation? The chat person said that's part of buying the equipment. Funny, because that was NEVER mentioned to me once. And you can check the phone calls during my sale, because I asked over and over if there was a catch. 


Second, I was told $350 for a hardware conversion. Obviously whoever told me that was "packing" in the price of installation, even so, again, why am I being charged $400 and not $350?


I swear to god, I have so many grievances with this company, if someone doesn't explain what is going on, and helps me sort this out, I'm going to tell everyone who will listen, social media, news, and if I have to get a lawyer for the fact I have to go through unnecessary stress every single month just to have internet? How messed up is this company's customer service?


I would like to say it's also dishonest and unethical, but deep down, I think it's being run by 4 people, with an outsourced call center, and no one knows whats going on. That's just my theory, and that would be a best case scenario.


I'm going to take a deep breath and hope the one person that seems to have any power to sort things out reads this and walks me off the ledge. Because I'm sick and tired of posting to this message board.


Re: New Customers Beware. - Hardware Update

Update to my 8/10 comment regarding hardware billing.

Short version: I called on the off chance I'd get lucky, because my chat went so poorly, and got a rep named Jorge on the phone.

Its almost too good to be true, but he looked over my account, and understood what had been happening. He fixed my billing by giving me a credit I had been promised months ago. This resolved the hardware charge issue for me.

He also confirmed that starting next month, I would no longer be charged the leasing fee, because I opted to purchase the hardware up front.

Someone write Jorge's name down in the HughesNet Hall of Fame next to Liz, because he's one of the "good" ones. it's not that he gave me what I wanted , it's that he looked at my account and understood what was happening. you can't possibly know how great that feels until you've talked with a half dozen of HughesNet other Representatives who spin you in circles and leave you feeling helpless.

Now listen... because this is IMPORTANT: if you choose to buy the HughesNet hardware instead of leasing it, YOU VOID YOUR FREE INSTALLATION. That's right, you have to pay the $200 install fee if you purchase.
I asked more than once if there was a catch to purchasing the equipment, and my salesman said "no."

Now that we can all see the equipment was only $200 to begin with, it can be easily established, that one listen to my sales call will reveal I was definitely suckered.

If you choose to buy your HughesNet equipment,... I don't know what to say. You could ask your salesman how much to buy, but if he likes to you like mine did, ($350? ha!) You're out of luck. But maybe now that you know, it will help.

If my bill is square, like Jorge says, I hope to be done with this drama. And I might make a YouTube video to help HughesNet customers navigate how HughesNet works, but if this company tries to EF me one more time, I'm getting a lawyer, having them retrieve the original sales call, I'm sick of this crap. Seriously. I mean it.

@Hughesnet. Pull your crap together. Your Gen5 hardware is GREAT. I love my HughesNet internet. But your sales and service are still dishonest and horrible. You have hardware to be proud of now, so fix your customer service and sales tactics to match. I could have been one of your biggest fans because I LOVE the Gen5 hardware, but I had to go through 3 months of stress and h311 to get things straight.

Jezuzz, I hope I don't have to post here again. Please just Bill me what you said you would, give me my gen 5 internet so we can stop talking with each other.