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New Problem with FTP and Yahoo starting After June 5

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New Problem with FTP and Yahoo starting After June 5



I could use some help with a problem that began some time after June 5, 2017 -- that was the last time I was able to use FTP with my yahoo website. I am not even sure that my Hughesnet connection could be related to this problem, but thought I should cover all bases.


I am a long time Hughesnet customer -- and still using HN9000. While not perfect, at least I am used to it and have no major problems. Yahoo uses a unique method of FTP connection requiring an additional level of security TLS 1.2  (I have no idea what I am talking about, sorry). I can get that through my usual FTP manager, Transmit, on my Mac. All was working well until yesterday when I tried to update a page on our dog club's website; this was the first update since June 5. I am getting a failure message for that site, have checked all the usual sign on requirements, etc. Basically, I am wondering if anything has changed at Hughesnet that would cause me to have connection problems that I did not have before? I am also trying to debug this with Yahoo, of course. I use a Mac, OS 10.12.5. Other FTP sites work fine. Both of my standby FTP programs fail on this yahoo site however. Thanks to anyone who might have a clue.


Re: New Problem with FTP and Yahoo starting After June 5

Hi waterdogs,


Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. Our network engineers are constantly making adjustments to ensure optimal performance for HughesNet subscribers. To address your concerns I've looked into our reports and there haven't been any other reports of subscribers with FTP concerns like yours. Hopefully someone here in the community who also uses FTP with Yahoo can provide some insight, and more importantly, I hope Yahoo is able to help address your concerns.


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Re: New Problem with FTP and Yahoo starting After June 5

Sounds like whatever is causing your problem could be related to the loss of email server connection problems that appear to have started around the 20th of this month. I cannot connect to gmail, att (bellsouth), or yahoo mail servers from any email app. I have no problem logging in to any of these accounts via a web browser. There are more than 4 or 5 people reporting simular problems with various servers outside of