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New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

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Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

The new status meter does not work for us. It just keeps saying "Electron has stopped working." I want the old status meter to be returned, because I had no issues with that software! And, by the way, to sound official, you should at least spell correctly. It's 'we're' not 'were.' Just a thought. When I come to these forums, I always wonder if I am talking to someone who is legitimately allowed to represent Hughes Net, or if it is someone pretending to be an agent for said company. Spelling properly would be a good sign I am speaking to someone who cares about their job and subsequent clientele. Thank you for reading.
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Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

Who is who ?

All Hughes employees will have the words "Official Rep" posted behind their names.


Believe it or not ... there are times  when "auto-correct" may alter the spelling.

Status Meter:

I am not a Hughes employee (hint: it doesn't say Official Rep behind my name) and I don't like version 6.5 of the Download Status Meter either. You will find a link to version 6.2.0 here:

You will find that version 6.2.0 will throw up a "upgrade is available" nag screen. This is something that just must be endured.

Hughes is aware of the unpopularity of DSM v.6.5.0



Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

For the record I am having the exact same problem as daniellesaintmarie  and have not been able to sucessfully install the new 6.5 version of the status meter.

Thanks to Gwalk900 I have been able to re-install the 6.2 version and will continue to run it until a solution is found for the " Electron has stopped working..." issue.

I will continue to follow this thread and appreciate everyone's assistance!

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Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

I received the notice that my meter was out of date and to install 6.5.  As soon as I opened it after installation, my antivirus flagged it with a trojan file and quarantined it.  Is 6.5 even a valid update from Hughes?  (I reinstalled the prior version I had and I have never received another notice that I needed to update to 6.5.)
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Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

The 6.5 update is valid, but is being flagged by several AV companies, including Windows Defender because they don't recognize the update yet.

Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue


We are still waiting for an update. Hopefully we'll get something soon. We'll focus on getting to a resolution as soon as possible. As for using the old status meter in the mean time, that is completely fine. The link Gwalk posted has it available. As for my spelling. I apologize if I forgot to add a apostrophe. When trying to get out responses in a timely manner, sometimes grammar is missed. However that is what the edit button is for. At least it lets you know we're human and not robots :-).We appreciate the patience and cooperation as we help address concerns. 

Thank you,

Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

My Norton doesn't have a problem with it but Task Manager always showed three copies of Electron running in Processes. I reverted to an older version. I'm running a two year old version now. I think it's 6.0
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Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

Eek.  Electron warnings now?  I'm so glad I stuck with 6.02.  Still have a copy of it on a flash drive, too. 

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Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

Hi Everyone

Just a heads up, an official response from Katie posted in another thread:


Re: New Status Meter (6.5) Validation Issue

Hi everyone
If you have not yet, please visit this link

and post the issue you are having as well as computer information. This will help immensely. 

Thank you