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New customer. Plz help. Very slow

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New customer. Plz help. Very slow

I have done speed test
And it shows good download speed. But Facebook takes forever to load and other apps. Any video that is watched buffers ever two seconds. I have been a customer since the beginning of this month and have not had a good experience at all. Please help
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If you have a device with can be connected directly with a LAN cable, please try that and see if it makes any difference.  


Also, due to recent issues with, please use another speed test.  Feel free to use any other test you would like, but you should avoid, as it not only causes the Video Data Saver to engage, which means it will never give a speed higher than 3Mbps or so, it also uses a LOT of data for each test when the Video Data Saver is turned off.   

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