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New customer, buffering and video calls.

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New customer, buffering and video calls.

Hi everyone. 


I've been a customer of hughesnet Mexico for about a month and streaming only worked well on the first day. I speak some Spanish but I don't understand a lot of the technical jargon in English, so Spanish is impossible. I discovered the streaming problem whilst binge watching Lucifer on netflix. It started buffering long before I used up my data allowance. The same for youtube and other videos.


I contacted customer support in Mexico and someone was supposed to phone me back at 2pm two days ago, but they called at Mexican 2pm, i.e 4pm a day later when I was at work so couldn't answer.


Also, I was hoping to use it for Zoom, Skype etc too but I had a zoom call with someone in England from here in Mexico and it was impossible. Zoom in Mexico worked reasonably, it kept saying low bandwith but worked.  


I was hoping to teach online from home but it seems that is going to be impossible with


Any tips?


Thank you.

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Re: New customer, buffering and video calls.

While many can use satellite internet for streaming or video calls, it's not ideal for these things because the signal is highly affected by congestion and the latency inherent in satellite internet (additionally, streaming and Zoom, etc. will eat a lot of data very fast). The more people using the system, especially if they're doing data intensive things like streaming,  the more there will be things like buffering. This tends to be worse in the evening, but it can happen at any time. 


You can try turning off the Video Data Saver, which may (or may not) help with the buffering issue, but keep in mind your data will be used up faster. 


You can also look into something like PlayOn Cloud, which works as a cloud DVR. You can record shows without using data, though you will use data when you dowload the files. You can keep the files forever, and watch them as many times as you like, without any buffering. 


The HughesNet reps on this site are available M-F during business hours.  You can also try talking to customer service again and making sure they understand the time difference.



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Re: New customer, buffering and video calls.



It's unlikely the reps here will be able to do anything other than direct you to HughesNet Mexico's customer service.  


Having said that, what maratsade said about congestion may very well be what's causing the issue(s), especially in the evening, though how bad congestion is can vary from one minute to the next.  When combined with the high latency inherent to geostationary satellite internet, that congestion can wreak havoc on anything sensitive to it, like streaming and video calls, the latter of which is really just two way live streaming, more or less.


Hopefully the Video Data Saver suggestion will help.  You may want to try reducing the resolution of the stream as well, either via the app being used or at the source, as this can sometimes help with the buffering too.

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Re: New customer, buffering and video calls.

Good morning Helen1,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! As Gabe already mentioned, it's best to reach out to our Mexico support line, they have the resources to assist your area. In the meantime, here's some tips on how to make the most of your HughesNet service and working from home:


As the link above suggests, for Zoom, you can try to go audio only to maximize performance, but if that's not an option, you can also try dialing in separately from a phone. Hope that helps!



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