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New meter

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Re: New meter

Click on the link that sgoshe posted earlier. That will show you how to capture a screenshot.
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Re: New meter

Joesph , try doing it in between the hours of 2 till 8 in the morning !!!!! does not mean you have to get up at 2  you can do it ,say around 7 or earlier
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Re: New meter

Liz, I just checked and there isn't any tokens available.  What is FAP? Smiley Happy

Re: New meter

Hi Joseph,

I originally applied token data to your account, but they've since been used up. I've sent you tokens that you may use if you're out of Anytime Bytes. You can see how many tokens you have available for use in the Support Center:

Once logged in, you can click on the Token Management link to use your tokens.

This is what you see when you click the Token Management link:

Since I've already sent you tokens, you will be able to click on the Use link to use a token to restore your regular speeds.

FAP stands for Fair Access Policy, which you can read in full on our legal site: This policy set these data allowances so that the limited throughput on our satellite is available to all subscribers. When you read about someone "going into FAP", that means that person has exceeded their data allowance and had their speeds reduced. You can "get out of FAP" by using a token.



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