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Newbie data usage question...

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Newbie data usage question...


Brand new to this community and brand new to hughesnet, so I had a few questions about data usage.  I live way out in the boondocks, and my previous internet access involved a Sprint aircard that was lucky to get one bar, which was seldom enough to actually connect me to the internet, so compared to that, this is great.  It's certainly not as fast as my kid's FIOS in the city, but at least it works.  Anyway, my computer hadn't been updated in forever, so a few days after I got hughesnet set up, I plugged the computer into the supplied modem/router (or whatever you call it) using a CAT-5 cable and started the updates.  It took about an hour, and the total updates, according to the computer, were about 900MB.  So, a few days later, my usage meter STILL says I've used 0.0GB of data and I'm at 100%.  To try to test it, I downloaded a movie from HBOMAX on my ipad this morning during bonus time.  Pretty much as soon as the download ended, my bonus time data dropped 1.5GB and went to 97% available.  So, I'm confused.  Why didn't my updates to my computer count yesterday during prime time?  The only difference appears to be that my computer is plugged into the router and my ipad is on wifi.

Thanks for explaining to an old trucker.


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Re: Newbie data usage question...

For the first few days of a new account, your data refills constantly. This is something HughesNet does as a courtesy to allow people to update their devices if needed. 


After a few days, this stops and your usage begins to be counted against your monthly allowance. 


EDIT: this information is in the welcome email HughesNet sends when you begin a subscription. 


Re: Newbie data usage question...

I agree with the poster above. Your data will reset for the 1st 12 days or something. It's in the letter.


I don't know what your Internet habits are, but if it includes downloading movies during prime time hours, you are in trouble. HughesNet is not built for that. Yes, you can do it. You can do pretty much anything you want with HughesNet (minus real time games). The question is how much of it you can do monthly. Downloading movies, no matter how long it takes, will eat up your data. I am sure there will be someone post with how much data a 2 hr movie will take at a certain quality.


Keep a eye on your data usage. It will start counting and if you don't pick up on it you will eat through your data.



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Re: Newbie data usage question...



To specify, it's for the first 20 days after service activation that this occurs for, then the refills stop.  After that, your usage will be deducted from your monthly data allotment in the normal manner.   

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Re: Newbie data usage question...



It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.