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No Internet/System light off

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No Internet/System light off

I have tried all the usual stuff.... Reboot/Reset Modem. Still no Interent.


Please Help

Distinguished Professor IV

For your privacy, please obscure your SAN number.  The reps on this site will ask you for this information if they need it. 


Are there weather issues in your area? 

Nope blue skys



Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to the Community! I see you're having an issue with lack of communication here, and we'd love to help out. As maratsade stated, we'd recommend keeping all account information private, so I've gone ahead and edited the photo from your post, to maintain your personal security! In addition, I'm going to see if a modem swap will do the job. Please expect the replacement soon; you can use its box to return the old modem. For your convenience, the return label is included in the outer pouch. 


Let me know how the new modem works out for you!






Thanks Remy - I will let you know once I swap them out if it is back up.