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No Tricks and Tips, Just Want Good Internet

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No Tricks and Tips, Just Want Good Internet

For months I did okay with Gen 4 and the minimum package of 10/50 gigs. I'm the only one who uses the service here and never use my pc online, just my PlayStation. Nonetheless, I would run out of data about 3/4 through my monthly service. Then it became throttled to being practically unusable, like dial-up. Nonetheless, I was satisfied, and I could play my online game, Neverwinter, until running out of data. Then came December, and the game became more difficult to play, so I upgraded to Gen 5 and a bigger data plan, hoping to stop the lag. Unfortunately, I see no improvement in my internet speed, which tests show are around 17 mps. And the speed tests aren't accurate, because my internet regularly stalls. I don't know much about internet stability, so I tried to do internet health tests, but they each said the test couldn't be completed because of 100% packet fails, which, they said, could be because of a firewall in my modem/router. At any rate, my online game is now unplayable. The lag is now beyond embarrassing, but insane any time day or night. I know it is possible to happily play with Hughesnet, as I had for months before. Overall, I can search the internet and watch occasional videos, but the loading is about the same. On YouTube, half the videos I want to watch give me error messages. Still feel like I'm not there yet in having good internet, wondering if I should go back to a higher bill at the phone company in order to have fast, stable, consistent internet.

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Re: No Tricks and Tips, Just Want Good Internet



The packet loss is concerning.  Can you post a picture of the following page, which is of the state codes (error codes)?!/state_code/state_code_monitor


Make sure to edit out your SAN from the picture.  Your SAN starts with DSS, and that's your account number, which you should NEVER post, whether typed or in picture form, on a public website like this.  If you have Windows, you can use Paint to edit the SAN out.  Just brush over it or put a solid colored box over it.  


Though there are other steps in the process of determining speed issues, that packet loss is concerning, especially if it's happening on a regular basis, and that's the first thing we should look at.  The state codes may point to what is going on.  

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