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No bytes after 4 days


Re: No bytes after 4 days

Gabe clearly stated that they gift you data in your first month. This is not a gift to me. I had 30 days to cancel. They deceive you by giving you extra data so you THINK heyyyy this is great. Then second month BAM your out of data. Then you call for help. They send you HERE to start a thread and say “someone from HUGESNET will be in touch within a day” I’d never waste my time posting here just for another customers opinion on what my issue is bc honestly you don’t know my household my usage setup etc and THIS ISNT YOUR JOB TO BE THEIR TECH SUPPORT!
I’m sorry if this comes off crass but I’m not looking for your opinions on what I “could” do. I want someone from the company to help me! Which has been longer than the one day. Still phone calls get me no where and being instructed to come here and post my pictures (which I cannot do still) is just a waste of my time and honestly my money bc this service isnt cheap.

I’m very happy all you satisfied responding customers haven’t had issues and you can talk up this company and freely work for them.

Re: No bytes after 4 days

  • The 20 days of refilling data is mentioned in the welcome email. Maybe you didn't read that. 
  • That you can see a courtesy as a deception says a lot about you. 
  • You were out of data the second month because of how you used the data. They sell you date; how you use it is your responsibility.
  • This is a customer to customer site -- the Hughesnet people here intervene only when fellow customers can't help.  Gabe is trying to help you and you are ingnoring his help.  It is likely the the HughesNet reps will not intervene until you do what Gabe asks. 
  • Good luck to you. 




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Re: No bytes after 4 days

Where does it say you have 30 days to cancel?

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: No bytes after 4 days

Clearly you think your opinion must matter to me. As another unpaid unsolicited advice giver on behalf of Hughesnet.
I do not have a welcome email but you must know that already Since you know sooo much about me.
I don’t see gifted data as a pro.

I purchased exactly what their rep told me I would need. Maybe they should hire you instead.

I’m not ignoring his help. It wasn’t helpful.I’m doing exactly as Hughes net told me to do which was not to come here for customer to customer help it was customer to representative help.

Mind your own business and go post on someone else’s thread that might want unsolicited unpaid employees voices.

Re: No bytes after 4 days

I was told on the phone. By the rep from Hughes net and was also told by the installer after setup.

Re: No bytes after 4 days

"Clearly you think your opinion must matter to me. "


Nope. I don't give a fig one way or another.  You go ahead and do you and see where that leads you, and God bless. 

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Re: No bytes after 4 days



You came here looking for help for your data usage issue.  To help with a data issue, there is a troubleshooting process, and that troubleshooting process is the same, no matter who is involved, as in fellow subscriber or a HughesNet rep.  The questions, and the process, are the same.  


What you're thinking is going on with the twenty days of data refills is called a "bait and switch", as in making a service look better than it normally is during a period in which you can cancel without penalty.  There is no "bait and switch" here, as there is no 30 day cancellation period.  The contract is valid the second the service goes live, as is stated, though not verbatim, in the Residential Subscriber Agreement, which you can read here.  If you were told during the sales call that you have 30 days in which to cancel, you can request a sales call review regarding this misinformation.  Instructions for doing so are in the first paragraph of my reply to Mrfoot.   


No, I don't know your setup, which is why I asked, as anyone attempting to help someone with a data issue would do.  And no, it isn't my job to be their tech support.  I'm not attempting to be.  Just like every other person on this site, with the exception of a three or four HughesNet reps that help with things we can't, I volunteer my time to help fellow HughesNet subscribers when they are having issues that I can help with, as well as helping others to get the most out of their service.  It's disheartening that you don't seem to get the concept of someone giving of themselves to help others without getting some sort of remuneration.  


The pictures are just one part of the troubleshooting process for unexplained data loss.  The rest of it doesn't require pictures.  


And no one ever said none of us have had issues.  We all have.  When we did, we took advantage of the mountain of collective knowledge among longtime, experienced fellow subscribers.  We explained our issue(s), and others helped, and when those fellow users couldn't, the reps stepped in to do so.  High data usage is one of the most common issues among new users, and for the reasons I already explained, and which would be why this post and this post are dedicated to it.  


Lastly, I really do hope you get your issue(s) resolved, but it's a shame that you'll only allow specific people to help you in that endeavor and you think odd of anyone else who tries. 


Good luck to you.

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Re: No bytes after 4 days

GabeU Not all of us are geeks and great at figuring out all the crap they throw at us with this industry! I'm 65 and unfortunately I have to rely on what people are telling me is honest and there lies the problem. Thanks if your really trying to help but I've read what you had to say to many people and it sounds to me like you ARE working for the company! People are getting lied to by salesmen about what they need as far as a two year plan to maintain the life style their accustomed to. You don't show any compassion and only tell people they should of done their homework or words to that effect. Hugesnet is a RIP off company plain and simple! The number of complaints about them says it all. So like I said if you are trying to help thank you but your help is misplaced. If you really want to help find out why hughsnet salespeople are taking advantage of many just to get them signed up.
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Re: No bytes after 4 days



On the contrary, I do feel compassion for those experiencing issues, but my replies vary, depending on the post being replied to.  When I reply to a post asking for help, I always provide the best advice I can to help that person to resolve their issue, just like I did in the first two paragraphs of my reply to you.  But, again, depending on what's said in the post being replied to, parts of that reply may not always be perfectly kind. 


If I didn't care about someone experiencing an issue, I wouldn't reply in the first place.   


BTW, you should read through more of my replies if you think that I "don't show any compassion and only tell people they should of done their homework or words to that effect."   You can do so here, if you like.  


Though you may have experienced a bad sales person, HughesNet has 1.3 million customers.  Considering the complaints you see on the various sites amount to less than one half of one percent of HughesNet customers, I'd say that "Hughesnet is a RIP off company plain and simple! The number of complaints about them says it all." doesn't exactly ring true.  Though I don't tout it, I've had HughesNet for nearly 15 years and have rarely had a problem.  My folks, who got HughesNet on my recommendation, have had had it for three years, and they've had virtually zero issues during that time.


Lastly, when a sales rep has been found to have misled a customer, they are dealt with.

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