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No bytes after 4 days

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Re: No bytes after 4 days

I was told on the phone. By the rep from Hughes net and was also told by the installer after setup.
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Re: No bytes after 4 days

"Clearly you think your opinion must matter to me. "


Nope. I don't give a fig one way or another.  You go ahead and do you and see where that leads you, and God bless. 

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Re: No bytes after 4 days



You came here looking for help for your data usage issue.  To help with a data issue, there is a troubleshooting process, and that troubleshooting process is the same, no matter who is involved, as in fellow subscriber or a HughesNet rep.  The questions, and the process, are the same.  


What you're thinking is going on with the twenty days of data refills is called a "bait and switch", as in making a service look better than it normally is during a period in which you can cancel without penalty.  There is no "bait and switch" here, as there is no 30 day cancellation period.  The contract is valid the second the service goes live, as is stated, though not verbatim, in the Residential Subscriber Agreement, which you can read here.  If you were told during the sales call that you have 30 days in which to cancel, you can request a sales call review regarding this misinformation.  Instructions for doing so are in the first paragraph of my reply to Mrfoot.   


No, I don't know your setup, which is why I asked, as anyone attempting to help someone with a data issue would do.  And no, it isn't my job to be their tech support.  I'm not attempting to be.  Just like every other person on this site, with the exception of a three or four HughesNet reps that help with things we can't, I volunteer my time to help fellow HughesNet subscribers when they are having issues that I can help with, as well as helping others to get the most out of their service.  It's disheartening that you don't seem to get the concept of someone giving of themselves to help others without getting some sort of remuneration.  


The pictures are just one part of the troubleshooting process for unexplained data loss.  The rest of it doesn't require pictures.  


And no one ever said none of us have had issues.  We all have.  When we did, we took advantage of the mountain of collective knowledge among longtime, experienced fellow subscribers.  We explained our issue(s), and others helped, and when those fellow users couldn't, the reps stepped in to do so.  High data usage is one of the most common issues among new users, and for the reasons I already explained, and which would be why this post and this post are dedicated to it.  


Lastly, I really do hope you get your issue(s) resolved, but it's a shame that you'll only allow specific people to help you in that endeavor and you think odd of anyone else who tries. 


Good luck to you.

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