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No internet connection over wifi

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Re: No internet connection over wifi

Lets look at possible issues: ( with the understanding that at times two routers may be needed depending on the "shape" of a users network.

One thing to keep in mind is that if the first router does not have DHCP enabled then the "router" part of the Hughes modem is tasked with handing out IP addresses to the connected devices.

The HT1000/1100 modem has a DHCP limit of only 5 devices ..... if two routers are connected as AP's then they will take two of the available IP's right off the top.

Check list:

#1: connect a single computer directly to the Hughes modem:

#2: Disconnect the cable between the computer and the Modem and leave the modem out of the loop for the moment .......

#2a: Connect am Ethernet cable between the COMPUTER and one of the ROUTERS LAN ports. (remember .. no modem connected .. we are NOT looking for internet at this step.

#2b: Power up the ROUTER, power up the computer ....
enter into a browser .....

If yes, go to step 5
If No, enter do you then get the routers login page  ? Y/N ?

#3: If does NOT take you to the Routers internal setup page then the routers assigned LAN IP is misconfigured and is likely in conflict with the Hughes modem.

#4: I'm not on my computer so I don't have my normal stock of pictures at this time.
We now wish to connect the Routers WAN port to the modems LAN port.
We wish to then connect a single computer to one of the routers 4 LAN ports

Due to a lack of pictures tonight I would like you to view a "how-to" I have posted ar the Shack:

We want to work only with "wired" connections at this point to ensure the router is "routing". We will tackle wireless later.

#5: Ensure that DHCP is enabled in the Routers internal settings

At this point take some screenshots of your routers interanl settings and post then here.
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Re: No internet connection over wifi

Two routers suddenly not working on WiFi, I'm betting card on laptop is turned off, bad or driver update knocked it out. Nice step by step procedure for LAN side though.  : )

 I have a Linksys and a Windstream and haven't had any issues with connections on either of them until a few hours ago.
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Re: No internet connection over wifi

Yup, process of elimination, simplify the network, try an alternate device.
hard wired first, wireless second.