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No internet - poor customer service

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No internet - poor customer service

Spent a whole day off yesterday talking to technical support in other countries who at times I couldn't understand and they couldn't understand me.  Asked for a direct number for someone in the United States and that isn't possible according to them.  By why is it then that you do get someone in the United States when you want to purchase Hughesnet.  I had to re-explain things to them numerous times.  Was told that even though Hughesnet was working for all my neighbors my signal was coming from a state clear across the United States and they were experience bad weather but according to the Weather Channel they were 49 and sunny with no storms at all.  Last conversation was told it was my router and to call that company and no that isn't it either.  So I still have no internet and will have to spend my evening once again talking to someone in a foreign country and continuing to go over the exact same thing.  They thought they were being gracious offering me $10.00 off for three months I don't want your $30.00 I want my internet to work and I want to not be lied to about weather issues and to speak to someone who has no trouble understanding what I am saying.
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Re: No internet - poor customer service

I did try that and there was still no connectivity.  I will have to post that tomorrow as I don't have it with me at work and I won't have internet at home. 

Re: No internet - poor customer service

Good afternoon Debbie,

This is a pretty difficult issue to troubleshoot over the internet on our community but I'll try my best. I am very sorry you had a poor experience with our support and we'll be sure to reiterate to the agents supervisor that proper troubleshooting steps should be taken.

The first thing we should always try when the internet was out due to local or gateway weather is rebooting the modem. On the back of your HughesNet modem there is a thick power cord. Please follow it to a box which you can disconnect the cord from ( you do not want to unplug from the wall or the back of the modem, only the box) and leave it disconnected for about 30 seconds. Plug it back in and let it sit for a few minutes, monitoring the lights on the front. You should have 5 lights and the System & Power should be steady on (the others will blink randomly). 

I also understand that during the troubleshooting you could not access the System Control Center at and kept re-routing you to your router page. This is the result of an IP address conflict where the router has the same IP address as the modem. Do you have a way to directly connect a device to your modem and try again? 

If  after rebooting you cannot connect, or you are still having issues getting into the System Control Center please let me know here and we can work something out to get this fixed for you.

Thank you,