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No internet


Re: No internet

Sz, thank you for providing this information. In order to resolve this, we will need you to perform a re-registration of the HughesNet modem to continue troubleshooting. Please give us a call at 866-347-3292 so that we can walk you through the steps. I will leave details in your account so the agent knows what steps need to be taken. 


Re: No internet

Thank you for your assistance. I called tech support. They elevated the issue to advanced tech support. They had to send out a tech to troubleshoot. The problem was the eye in the dish. It has malfunctioned/burned out. It had to be replaced. System is up.

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Re: No internet



Glad you got it fixed and you're up and running again.  Years ago I had to have the same thing replaced on my old setup.  My internet wasn't fully down like yours was, but it kept giving me all kinds of intermittent connection issues.  

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