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No line of sight FIVE YEARS AGO, installed gen 4 dish anyway!

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No line of sight FIVE YEARS AGO, installed gen 4 dish anyway!

When we switched from Wildblue several years ago, the original Hughesnet installer used the same pole we already had and simply swapped out the old dish for the new.  Unfortunately, that installer's laziness meant that our Hughesnet dish was pointed straight at a 50 foot tall grove of trees, giving us less than half the signal strength required to pass.  But we didn't realize that, and of course, connection to the net to goes down a hundred times a day.  We only found out these facts recently, and now feel we've been CHEATED all these years, since the repair tech they finally sent out claims there's no line of sight anywhere on our property that will give adequate passable signal for gen 4.  So apparently we can only have proper internet service if we upgrade to gen 5 and sign a new contract!  Being forced into a new contract like that does NOT seem fair at all, to me; what do you all think?  I mean, we paid fees in good faith and already fulfilled our contract years ago, but only got spotty service at best! 

I really wish Hughesnet would shoulder their responsibility for this shameful situation and make it right, not by roping me into yet another committment, but by providing the decent internet access I should have had all these years.  

With NO new committment.  

Any thoughts?