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No more hourly usage meter??

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No more hourly usage meter??

I had something eat a good bit of data today, was one of two culprits and depending on time of day I should be able to identify, but I went looking for the hourly meter only to find, seriously, there isn't one anymore? WHY?
I downloaded the Usage meter but it doesn't give me what I need.
I REALLLY need to know what ate my data allowance today...REALLLY need access to this information...
We're supposed to be lulled by the "unlimited" thing I guess, but I need to be able to understand and control what is bleeding out...
And I did see a few things on the boards about other apps but honestly it was over my head...
Please someone tell me HN didn't get rid of their hourly meter?  


Associate Professor

 Hughesnet hasn't displayed the hourly usage in a long, long time.  They have been displaying only daily data for the last few years if memory serves correct.

This solution does NOT appear to work for the HT2000W modem...When I navigated to the site noted and entered SAN/Date, a window opened with heading "Gen 4" and message: "We were unable to find any usage data for the SAN or Site ID you entered..." Any other suggestions?

Hi PTLA1844

   It's working with my HT2000W modem. It does say Gen 4 at the top , but is displays the daily usage.Good Luck!



Advanced Tutor

Sweet! Works for me!
Thank you everyone!!

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