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A service call was scheduled 07/11/2018. He finally showed up today supposedly and sent me a text there is a dog in the Yard. He was given a number to call in case he was afraid of docile 14 year old dog. My neighbor was going to be there for that reason but never called & I'm betting never showed up. I don't need Hughes net. I can use other providers and my contact is finished. So can any one tell me how to re- align my dish? If this don't work I'm cancelling the service. Internet is a luxury for me so I can do with out it. Anybody else have this problem with the dish and the technician?
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I believe only a technician can realign your dish. 


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.


Why not try asking in the forum named Technical Support.

Ironically, given the subject, this forum is NOT for that purpose as was in the description when you entered it.


Edit: Kudos to the admin that moved it to the appropriate area.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Hello Giraffe, Only a HughesNet Certified technician can realign your dish under our warranty. Though the dog may be docile to an owner, our technicians are instructed not to enter areas where there are loose animals, both for the safety of the technician and the animal.  We ask that someone over the age of 18 is present on site for the technician to meet and have sign off on the repair. Since many of our customers are very rural, an hour to three hours drive from location to location to arrive to no one on site means the technician does not get paid.


If you would like we can definitely set up another technician visit for them to meet you at the house when you can secure the dog inside. I can assist you here or you can call into or main line at 1-866-347-3292, and they can set up the technician visit for you.