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No video just a green screen.

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Re: No video just a green screen.

Wow, have you never had to diagnose why your computer was not online before there were things like cable or sat? It used to be simple as picking up the phone and checking for a dial tone, if it wasn't that then it had to be the computer.

Now we have the aforementioned inclusions, routers, more cables, constant updates for one or the other or all and the question becomes, which one did it? 

We are not all tech savvy. If we were then we would be in the tech sector, does that mean if we're not we should not be allowed to own a computer? I drive a new truck, does that mean since I don't know how to fix all the tech on it I shouldn't be allowed to drive it? 

To me the OP asked as first step in finding out. All it would have taken was sgoshe saying what he did. The OP did not outright blame HN for his troubles.
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Re: No video just a green screen.

Boy half the people on the internet would be in court if everyone had that attitude. Don't think anything he said comes close to slander.

People making threats is more concerning to me.
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Re: No video just a green screen.

Sgoshe, It seems "Bill" never read the part about treating people with kindness. And in my state his replies very well can be charged as slander.

Re: No video just a green screen.

Hi Milburn,

I hope we were able to help address your concerns, I will go ahead and close this thread. If you have any other questions or concerns pertaining to your HughesNet service, feel free to post and we'll help however we can.