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Noticing lots of connection losses

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Noticing lots of connection losses

I've been reading a lot of dropped connection and poor performance posts on here over the last few days. Just a thought... Hughes, have your space satellites possibly moved just slightly out of their previous positions recently? I ask because I've noticed A LOT of your customers posting have the same issues. Since re-peaking the dish isn't something that typically needs done on a yearly basis..? Just an observation

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Re: Noticing lots of connection losses

They have over 1 million customers.  What you have seen is an infinitesimal percentage. For other people, connections are fine (for satellite internet).  There are many reasons why people may be having problems with their connections, so generalising from the small numbers of anecdotes posted here isn't helpful. 


Do you have any issues you'd like to have the reps here look into? If so, please describe them in detail so they can help you.  This site is for tech and account support. For reviews and commentary, please use social media. 

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Re: Noticing lots of connection losses



Geostationary satellites have thrusters that automatically keep them in position, and those thrusters have enough fuel to last for many years.  Coincidentally, when geostationary satellites are taken out of commission it's most often due to running out of thruster fuel rather than anything being wrong with the satellites themselves.  


They also have ways of detecting the second a satellite moves out of position in even the slightest amount, and they know far in advance when thruster fuel will be exhausted.

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Re: Noticing lots of connection losses



It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.