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OK, Finally Have Time to Address This Insane Slowdown! I Know You Guys Can Help! :)

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OK, Finally Have Time to Address This Insane Slowdown! I Know You Guys Can Help! :)

NEW Latest case # ID108693360 as of 1.8.18

After waiting a week for a call back from upper tier ts, I'm now told I have to wait another 3-5 business days for a call from upper teir ts...or not.


Also, if it will help (Liz, Amanda) I KNOW I can achieve the speeds I was getting months ago so that tells me it's not my equipment or settings or other wifi devices The night HughesNet was down for several hours, when it came back on line, I retested my speeds, hoping that whatever was implemented would have also fixed my slow speeds.  I was thrilled to see speeds that ranged from 34 to 46Mbps!  However, that was very shortlived.  12 hours later when I tested again, I was back down to 1.6Mbps download.


My speeds have been suffering for at least 2 months.  The gradual slow down started sometime in Sept.  Sometime in late Nov, the bottom started to fall out with many download speed tests in the single digits.  Now, it's more common to get 1.x Mbps than not.  Upload?  Ha, I don't even bother!  On Dec 31, the tech agent I was speaking to even told me to stop the download speed test after 5 minutes at 55% complete.  I've' even had a few < 1 Mbps speeds.  Maybe about 5.  These numbers are at all times of the day and night, not just prime time.  Besides, I used to get 40-50Mbps during prime time. 


My first clue that something is wrong are the Google Home devices.  With good speeds, they answer in 3-4 seconds and streaming GPM on them is consistently GOOD.  No buffering.  Same with You Tube.  Now my Google Home devices are constantly telling me "hummm, something went wrong, try again in a few seconds" or they don't answer at all or it will take 10+ seconds to respond.  Streaming music is useless.  Smart devices in the home are now super slow to respond.  Some websites tell me they can't load the site.  Amazon is the one that comes to mind.  When the speed is back up, it loads. 


I've wasted hundreds and hundreds of data running speed tests 😞   I've wasted hours on line with tech support agents that can't help AT ALL.  One told me it was my smart home devices.  So at his suggestion, I unplugged 5 smart outlets, turned off the smart thermostat, unplugged the smart light bulb and all the GHs.  Came back to run another speed test...NO change is download speed!  NONE!  I knew there wouldn't be.  It's worked find for month with them and occasionally still will.  


I've had 2 case numbers.  No one from upper tier tech support called back when they said they would.  The first time it took someone almost a month to finally catch me at home (I stayed home during the time they were supposed to call).  At that time, things were good.  He said he did something on his end.  But, shortly after, speeds were back down again and have stayed that way. 

Someone was to call on NY's Day between 9am and 1pm (case # listed above).  They did not and have still not.

I called ts tonight but because of the weather, they could not trouble shoot.  Why do you need to troubleshoot NOW?  This has been going on since Sept?  There are 2 case #s.  There should be notes out the wazoo!  My low speed now doesn't have anything to do with the same slow speeds over the last 3 months.


Why did Hughesnet start me out with speeds of 40-50+Mbps and gradually start dropping it till it's unusable and making my smart home devices that I've spent a small fortune on, unusable?


If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.  I have corporate's number and know how to use it LOL  I'd rather not go that route or the B*B*B route so I'm hoping a HN employee can get things back to how they used to be when  I signed up for Gen 5 in April.  Thanks!



No responses?  Liz?  I could really use your help.  I'm on hold again with ts.  Not holding my breath that I'll get anywhere with them.  If you could do something, I'd really apprecaite it.  Thanks,




Your probably not going to want to hear this but this 'slowdown' your experiencing is happening to pretty much EVERYONE...and while it has obviously been happening for quite a period of time, last weeks outage just seemed to have made things worse.

These past few months my own speeds have significantly slowed down..and this week in particular, I'm CRAWLING.


452 kbps download on speed test taken just a few minutes took close to 2 minutes for the 3MB file to download.


Your RIGHT about it being insane...especially as I was streaming along just nicely at around 30-40+ mbps before the holidays.


It's anyones guess as to whether or not we will start seeing those faster speeds again...



@monicakm  Are you also on beam 55? If you are you're pretty much in the same boat as the rest of us. I'm hovering around 200kbps during the PM hours. It's been like that since Dec. 22nd, almost like someone flipped a switch. I dunno why I'm paying $60+ a month for speeds only 4x greater than dial-up.

I'm on beam 93.

I'm about thisclose to losing my patience with this issue.  I've been more than patient (mostly because of the holidays and company) but that's beside the point.  That short little brust of speed right after HughesNet came back on line proves it's not us, it's THEM and I don't want to do it but we may be forced to go outside the company to get resolve 😞



Personally I don't think the beam has anything to do with this slowness as customers from all across the U.S are being affected regardless of the beam they are on.


I'm on Beam 71, Gateway 15


All three of us are on different beams...


It's just after 12 midnight here on the West Coast, and sure enough, my speeds have seemingly picked back up to around 13.9 mbps.

Not the best, but certainly faster than the 400-500kbps that I was getting all afternoon and evening.


Come tomorrow, usually late download speed will no doubt be back down and measuring in kbps.


As the customer, we have already figured up that the problem is not on our end.

All we need now is for HughesNet to acknowledge and confirm this...and either FIX the problem, or allow those customers who wish to cancel their service, to do so, without fear of massive early termination fees and whatever other fees may be imposed.


Over sold makes all the sense in the world. I am 2 months into Hughesnet and in that short period of time we can no longer stream without buffering interruptions, video freezes while audio continues with provider message the "internet speed is to slow, web pages crawl and EMails are a choir. I gave up the only other option which was DSL here in upstate NY with 1-3Mbps up and down speed and at this point I am worse off.  Is there anyone who has an answer.

I just tagged @Liz in my other conversation Significantly-Slower-Speeds-Since-Outage and hopefully, now that I've tagged her in this one too,  she can look at both conversations, as it is more and more apparent that we are ALL in the same boat when it comes to speeds..with no rhyme or reason for these slowed speeds to be occuring.


From this conversation after talking to @monicakm @TYGRHobbes, we already established no connection as far as beams as we are all on different ones.


Slowly but surely, I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this with the help of @Liz.

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As of 4.49pm (PST)



Much like the rest of you good folks..I'm trying very hard not to lose my cool.

I have yet to call customer service only because I know their script like the back of my hand...

index.png"did you UNPLUG the MODEM?"


I'm this close to reBOOTING the modem with my size 10 foot...

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@jezra wrote:

The problem is simple: HughesNet has vastly oversold the capacity of Gen5. 

That's how it looks to me after several months of steadily decreasing primetime speeds on Beam 107.

I guess the addage, "the customer is always right" went right over HN's head!   Even Liz isn't responding.  That's not the norm and I've done everything by the book as far as posting here and trying to get phone tech support to help.  I can't even get them to return calls after they assign me a case number.  Chain of command, complete.  They will be required by law to reply to a B*B*B complaint.  I'll have to take time out of my day(s) to write a detailed complaint and file it.  I'll be directing them to seveal threads in this forum.  What a pain in the rear!

Latest download speed at 11pm...474kbps


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Though I have no way of knowing, of course, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that the issue is not due to overselling, even though the symptoms suggest that.  

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Thanks for the intel. That solves everthing .... classic Hughesnet 

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@jezra wrote:

@GabeU in multiple phone calls with advanced tech support, I was told the issue is caused by selling beyond capacity. 

I've no doubt.   Many people are being told this right now.  

Ryzen 5 3400G | MSI B450M Pro-M2 MAX | 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 | XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB NVMe | Windows 10 Pro

It's really hard to believe that techs are actually admitting to people that their company over sold and that's the reason for the crappy service.  But I guess that will be helpful in my letter to the B*B*B...HN knew what they were doing was going to cause their service to fall WAAAYYY below their advertised speeds.  

LOL, I just got an email from HN wanting to know if my problem has been solved by posting it in the forum.  Uh, let me think about it.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


You may want to ease up of the whole 'bureau' threats because quite honestly, your starting to burn your bridges.


When you come on to this community and start implying that this is your intentions, regardless of whether you have actually filed an official complaint or not, any help you may come to expect within this community will halt until such time as HughesNet has been 'officially' contacted by the 'bureau' on your behalf. HughesNet then has 30 DAYS to respond to such complaints.


The kicker is...the very same HughesNet representatives that will respond to your 'official' complaint are the SAME representatives that would of HELPED you in this community IF you had just taken a chill pill and let them do their job in order of urgency.


Right now, even though your speeds are really crappy, you CAN still access the internet.

While you might not be able to stream a full length movie, or check out the latest u-tube channel without experiencing buffering, or even download very large files quickly, you CAN still access the internet, view most webpages and even socialize on Faceboon, Twitter, etc.


Believe it or not, there are folks out there who have it a lot worse off...not being able to access the internet at all.

Those customers are going to take priority..plain and simple.


No, I've yet to file my complaint.  This won't be the first or even second time do to so concerning HN.  I will be filing a complaint.  I'm busy with life and still gathering information.  Chill pill?  I've been putting up with this and being ignored by phone support since sometime in Sept/Oct (as have 1000s of others).  If they don't care to be proactive, fine.  And frankly, you don't have a clue what I do with my data.  I don't do full length movies or ANY movies.  I don't download large files nor do I socialize on FB or Twitter.  But I have heavily invested in smart home technology based on the service I was sold from HN.  Now I have a houseful of smart devices that operate at an unacceptable rate/speed and sometimes don't function at all.   The only thing you commented on that MIGHT be accurate is getting no help from Liz (who has been quite helpful to me in the past) because of my mention of the B*B*B.  If that's the reason she is not responding to me then I'm sure it's policy not to do so.  I can't fault her for that.  

btw, the only reason I've waited this long to act is because of the holidays, family birthdays and company.  



Hey, I was just giving you a heads up...but by all means, go right ahead and file your complaint.

Good luck to you and your house full of smart devices.

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We switched last week from Wi-Power at $80/mo to similar plan on Gen5 - we were getting steady speeds of 1.81 MPBS with bursts to 5-7MBPS on Wi-Power with some buffering at times. Gen5, after 1 week is SO much worse, last night we couldn't watch any streaming because speeds were in the 60-440kbps range. I am thoroughly displeased, don't want to spend time with tech support because it is a waste of time reading all of your reviews. I will post my results to my facebook page, with 1500 followers who ALL reside in rural areas, looking for answers for faster internet. I would tell you that posting on FB or Instagram or other social media MIGHT get a response. It's worth a try. TOTALLY UNHAPPY - I, too, believe they have oversold.

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