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Oh yeah.. I'm rockin' 300kbps.... and NOT campin' happy.

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Oh yeah.. I'm rockin' 300kbps.... and NOT campin' happy.

The most unstable service I've had since switching to Gen5 I just deal with it, but I'm finally getting tired of it. 


Our service is dismal. This new Gen5 has been nowhere near anything promised.


I am showing a signal strength of 107.tonight with 300 kbps down, and 1.3mbps up... LOL.. now that's funny! The other night I kept getting 12.1.12 state codes with a 98 signal strength .. our service is never stable.. 


 I don't want to have to run a bunch of speed tests to prove the service is lacking... Hughes has to know.. 


When will this be fixed?!?!?!

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Make sure DirecTV is NOT connected to HughesNet WiFi, the two are not compatible. Smart TVs and FireStick are okay, NOT DirecTV. Make sure dish is aimed correctly, 1/8” off on the dish results in being 100s of miles off at the satellite which is 22,500 miles above the Earth. Aiming the dish correctly is critical, sloppy aim results in sloppy download speeds. I had same issues and these two corrections solved problem! Good luck as HughesNet cust service is a nightmare. ~MikeL

Are you FAP'ed? Type into your address bar. Are both boxes at the top green?

I am not physically camping. This is my HOME system.  I meant I am not happy.....


As far as me going to 192.168.. yadda... notice I say what my signal strength is, and what codes I am getting... I have looked at the FAP, and it was not active. I am way past your troubleshooting.. 


I have 50 gig a month..I have plennty left.. 


This is the same problem everyone else that upgraded to Gen5 is having... dropped signal, slow speeds, especially in the evenings, dropped packets... 


Hughes over promised, and over sold, and I'm not happy my surfing suffers, considering what I pay a month...


Some days everyting is decent, until the evening.. other days, not so much, and it's not the weather..




Another day, and still no reply from a COMMUNICATIONS company..


Go figure why nothing works... 


5 days now since I asked for help from Hughes... 


Yes.. .I'm keeping score, and for good reason... 

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5 days..

Yup! That's about right, and during that whole entire time you have been acting like a total  'donkey'.


If I were HughesNet I wouldn't communicate with your either.

I think we have all had enough of your daily tantrums on here...move on already!!



Let's try an experiment: Read over every post you've made here as if you're not you. Make believe you're a volunteer like one of us. Would you want to communicate with you?


Figure out why this isn't working for you... Take your time.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Explain to me why it is acceptable for a company to take my money, and not provide me service.


Show me another communications company that expects it's users to help other users, instead of hiring knowledgeable people to support their customers.


Explain to me why when you call tech support you can't get anyone who cares. or can help.


Explain to me why those support people bounce you from phone answerer to phone answerer instead of taking care of customers.


Explain to me why a company would have a community to help their customers and only provide two reps to support thousands.


Explain to me why it's acceptable for a company to not hold up their end of the deal, then tell it's customers that they are breaking their contract because they are tired of paying for non service.


Explain to me why a Rep can reply because I'm making noise, but they can'tt address my issue... 


Explain to me why there are hundreds and thousand of complaints about Hughes, but they do nothing to fix their image and take care of customers.


Explain to me why Hughes does not keep anyone informed as to knowing they have an issue they can't fix, 


If you can answer all of those question, and tell my why I'm not getting the service I am paying for, then maybe I'll settle down.. 


Until then, I'm being ripped off, and I'm not happy..


Yes.. I'm the squeaky wheel... and there's a lot of oil needed to get me to stop complaining. At $125+ a month, this is unacceptable.


I've been dealing with this slow service for months, and I just want what I pay for. Is that too much to ask? is that fair enough reason to be upset? 


Just for the record.. tonight, 0.57 down and 2.23 up.. 


This morning I hgad 15mbps down and just over 3mbps up...


I'm tired of not being able to use my internet as it was advertied in the evenings.. This has been months.. 


Also, why must I keep burning up my data allowance I pay for to troubleshoot a multi-billion dollar company's system for them?


If you ccommunity helpers  want to really help me, get me to understand how anyone  can think Hughes treating customers like this is acceptable?


Starting to understand why I am so upset? This is bogus a company treats paying customers like this.


Sorry, double post.

No one questions why you're upset. It's the undisciplined way you deal with it that the problem.

But, never mind me... continue throwing your toys out of the pram, 'cause that's been working real well.

As you were.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Why is Hughes treating customers like dirt OK,  but its not OK for a customer to fly off the handle because they have been abused so badly by the company,. It seems to pretty much the only option left  to try and get some attention from management. I'd like to hope that someone who's salary I'm helping pay would notice and take personal responsibility for helping a customer that's been neglected, along with thousands of others


Oh wait, I forgot they don't give a rats tail about any of us. All they care about is that our bank accounts are still open for them to pillage from us.


Why do they not care about their public image? Because they know they are the only option and a monopoly for those of use who live rural and have no other choices for Internet. They have no quams about taking advantage of us...