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Old problem back again- not working on

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Old problem back again- not working on

I was looking at old posts where people posted they were having trouble reaching on Hughes. It appears there is another appearence of this problem. Yahoo and only Yahoo does not work on Hughes. I have tried 3 devices and yahoo doesnt come up. I chatted in for assistance and no such luck. I went down the street and used cell service and yahoo comes up but when I return home and connect to hughes no yahoo. I bypassed wireless router and went direct into Hughes gateway and no yahoo. Hopefully they will resolve this quickly.

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Re: Old problem back again- not working on



Something you can try is clearing your DNS cache throughout your network.  To do so...


1.  Turn all devices off.  Don't just disconnect them.  They must be turned off to clear their cache.  

2.  Unplug your 3rd party router (if you're using one).

3.  Unplug the HughesNet modem at either the wall outlet or the power pack (NOT by the plug at the back of the modem).  

4.  After waiting at least a minute, plug the HughesNet modem back in.

5.  After waiting for at least five minutes, which will give the HughesNet modem time to be fully up to date and ready, plug in your 3rd party router.

6.  After waiting for a few minutes to give your 3rd party router time to be back up and fully ready, start a device and try Yahoo.

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