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Ongoing Streaming/Buffering Issues, both video and large images (Question for Liz)

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Ongoing Streaming/Buffering Issues, both video and large images (Question for Liz)


I know your busy, but when you have a few moments could you possible run a diagnostic on my account and see if any problems show up.


I've been having a lot of problems when it comes to 'streaming' video content of any kind, going on a few months now.

Any resolution higher than 144p and video content will simply not play/load and/or contiuoulsy buffer every few seconds making it impossbile to watch. Even at the lowest 144p resolution, depending on the size of the file or length of video, I will still have to wait several minutes for content to load and the feed will buffer every 5 or so minutes for the duration of the streaming content.


I am also seeing degraded download speeds with larger images/photos on websites...

While the rest of the website will download no problem, any larger images/photos on that same webpage will load significantly slower. You can watch the photo/image slowly appear as it loads.

This is via my desktop computer which is directly connected to the modem....


It's been a good while since I last had this issue and honestly, while I can't at this very moment remember how it was resolved, the issues were indeed resolved...

I'm hoping that this problem can be resolved again.


Conducted a few speed tests yesterday via and again today and results are averging 40 Mbps.

System Control Panel isn't indicating any issues or codes...everything is green and good to go.

I've done all I can do on my end...with no fix.


hoping you can work some magic on your end..

Many thanks in advance..