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Only 2 lights on - power and lan

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Only 2 lights on - power and lan

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Still happening?  Bad weather at your gateway can cause your service to drop out in the same way as weather at your location.  If it was short lived this may be what was happening.  You can see where your gateway is on the following page (it may take a little time to load)...


If it's still happening a rep should help.  If this is the case, please make sure to leave your modem plugged in so that the reps can attempt to run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment if they deem it necessary. 

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Hello Mike67, After reviewing your account I had noticed there is no communication. In order to find out what is the root cause of this issue, I will need you to gather some information for me. Please go to , towards the top of the page there will be a colored box next to the word System Status, please click that. Once the new page loads you will be looking for where it says system state code, please write down that state code and send it to me. This will help me determine what exactly is wrong with the system and how to get it back online.