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Onsite Support is not available

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Onsite Support is not available

I moved my service and had the dish installed a week ago. When I connected my modem it was found that the configuration was incorrectly done. Now I am being told that I cannot get an appointment until next Friday?? I am getting the run around from Hughes net. I'm very disappointed.

Distinguished Professor IV

Onsite support is available, though sometimes not as soon as you'd like. The appointment slots may all be filled and the date they gave you may be the first available. I hope you made that appointment.  You may also want to consider subscribing to their Express Repair service. 


When I was on DishNet for a short time before getting Hughes, I had a repair issue where my modem stopped communicating with the satellite, so I called them and they guided me through setting up the modem myself, wasnt very hard at all, just them reading to me the coordinates to give to the modem so it would communicate properly

So try calling them about the issue and see if its something similar!

Distinguished Professor IV

@Danny89 , your suggestion would definitely be worth a try. 

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