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Outlook for Mac login failure

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Outlook for Mac login failure

My email application logs me out constantly. I've spent many hours with my email hosting company and with Microsoft and all fingers point back to HughesNet. 


I'm using Outlook for Mac v. 15.35 (I was using Office 2011 for Mac, but upgraded -- at $100 a year -- as part of the troubleshooting). The problems have existed when I was on the old satellite but got worse when I switched to Gen5. 


I am able to send and receive IMAP mail. But Outlook repeatedly logs me out. Every few minutes I'm typing in a long password. Sometimes I get the message immediately after entering the password. We've changed various settings, performed various resets, and it keeps happening. A tech at Network Solutions (, which hosts my email server, says the tests he ran suggest it's a "latency" problem where a lag between submitting and authenticating the login information fails. 


The error message says "login failed" because "your username/password or security settings may be incorrect," but the password is correct and the other techs have tried any number of changes in security settings.


Any others having this problem? Is there any sort of utility to test for this, or better yet fix it? 


Good morning Mark,


Can't do anything about latency, but just taking a stab in the dark here, you can try disabling Web Acceleration (WAS) before you log in and keeping it off for the duration of checking your e-mail. I'm curious as to whether that will have any effect. Here's how to toggle WAS off and on. Having WAS off is only for temporary use and not for long term use, so please remember to turn it back on when you're done.


Visit your System Control Center (SCC) at and click on the "i" icon at the top. 




Click on Web Acceleration in the left hand menu.




Click on Control in the expanded sub-menu.




Uncheck the box next to Web Acceleration Enabled.





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