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Over data usage

I moved from DISH internet to Hughes two months ago. At Dish I had 40 GB at Hughes I have 50. Both months I ran out of data. Hughes is over charging or not calculating the usage correctly. here is 100% proof. For 10 yrs I had Dish at a remote location (vacation home). I am here mostly alone 2x a month. I have 2 Nest cams that are on the same schedule since I added them 5 yrs ago. Only 1 time did I go over my 40GB at Dish. Here at Hughes I have used up 50GB, 10 more than DISH, and within 25 to 27 days. In Dec, I did not arrive at our cabin until Dec 31 and left Jan 3. During the last billing cycle, we were here once. We do NOT stream, video, or game anything while here. With zero change in any devices, how can I use up 50GB when I had only 40GB at DISH and nothing has changed? I can prove this 100% by looking at my NEST schedule and my past billing/usage from DISH. No one at Hughes will give me an honest answer.

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The reps can likely run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment in order to check if anything's amiss that can add to data usage, like a weak sat signal or weak WiFi signal (if WiFi is what your'e using).  They may need some personal info from you to locate your account, but they'll ask for it to be sent via private message, for which they'll provide a link.   


With regard to the location itself, the only way to monitor the amount of data being used by your devices is to either use apps on the devices themselves that monitor their data usage or use a 3rd party router that has the ability to monitor data usage, either as a whole or by device.


As for why you might use more data with one ISP vs another while doing basically the same activities, that's hard to say.  Perhaps Dish used a different type of compression.  Speed itself can also affect data usage with certain activities, and that can vary depending on the activity being performed. 


In the end, the only way to reconcile the data usage is monitoring it at the location in one of the mentioned ways, but in your instance a router with that capability.

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Thanks for the reply. They are working on it now but all signs point to no problem which is not acceptable. Hopefully i will know soon Hughes is going to have to let me move to an IP provider that calculates data usage like it should be. 60 GB wouldn't get me through a month.   That's 50% more than i ever used in any month for the 10yrs i was with Dish.  And I run out in 25 to 27 days.  This is not right