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Performance Beam 72

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Re: Performance Beam 72

@monicakm wrote:

Bird Dog

>>Honestly, 40 to 50 download was simply because the satellite and some gateways were new and not loaded much. Now they are loaded more and more everyday.<<


Perhaps, but, the satellite still IS capable of those speeds.  I too got speeds between 40 and 50 and now I'm down to 1.  But after the outage and the satellite came back on line, I tested and got 46,42, 38, 36 down.  Now, that same time of morning (2-3am) speeds are in the 3-5Mbps range.

I remember that I used to be a little jealous as I couldn't quite reach 50, save for a fluke.  


I think the speed being really good when the service came back up may have been due to so many people temporarily giving up when the service went out.  Maybe not.  I know my speeds were great after it came back up, too, but they quickly went back to the "new normal". 

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Re: Performance Beam 72

Good sluthing.  You make a good point Smiley Happy  Yeah, those 50+ speeds were great and I got them frequently but mostly I was in the 40s.  But don't settle for the new "norm" Gabe!  It's not what you signed up for.  My speeds have been better today.  Not what they used to be but 16 to 22Mbps.  Lets see if they hold up this evening.  They used to.