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this is day 2 of service. I was curious about the buffering or unavailable channels. Is this something that will get better after  a 5 day period.  That's what a person told me and my neighbor.  

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Buffering can happen with satellite internet; this is due mostly to latency (lag), due to the distance the signal travels,  but can have other causes as well.  As per the subscriber agreement, "Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed."   


Unfortunately, there are so many factors that affect performance that no specific level can be guaranteed; some people have few or no issues, and others have a lot.  You can try to lower the quality of the video to see if it works better, or pause the Video Data Saver,  but again, your mileage will vary.  


Are you trying to watch TV via the service? For live TV, getting satellite TV is cheaper and much better, as the system works differently and there's virtually no latency at all, nor does it use data.  Satellite internet service is not ideal for streaming or for live TV because of  latency and other issues that can't be helped.


By the way, I'm a fellow subscriber. The HughesNet reps have the word "Mod" next to their names. 

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Can you elaborate one what you're referring to with "unavailable channels"?  

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